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Involta IT holding project aimed at supporting innovations in the field of information technology



Involta Foundation Inspiration

Involta Foundation's priority task is to support the expansion of modern technologies, methods, and instruments. The fund's strategy is aimed at accelerating the transition from outdated technologies to more advanced ones.

The world in 2021 is at the turn of two great, but at the same time, conflicting information ages. Our priority is the education of people and the popularization of projects in the area of blockchain, DeFi, remote.

By influencing the new generation, we transform the concept of ​​the actual efficiency of information processes. At the origin of a new age.


Fund's activities

Involta Foundation Objectives

Among all innovative areas, we recognize the highest potential of blockchain and derivative technologies. Blockchain is the technology of the future, and our task is to attract public attention to it. Blockchain instruments must become accessible, and the technology itself must be understandable for all categories of people.

The most critical tasks for supporting the industry and developing the technology constitute the Fund's immediate strategy.



Highlighting the technology and blockchain education



Expanding the scope of blockchain



Increasing the availability of blockchain instruments



Assistance in the technology's "penetration" into out-of-date processes



Fund's financing

Involta Coin

Involta Coin is the first cryptocurrency to be backed by a real robust company.

The funds raised through the Involta Coin will be reinvested in blockchain instruments and activities to raise awareness and literacy in the field of blockchain technology and crypto investment.

Starting from the end of 2020, Involta uses part of the profit from the holding's activities to finance the Involta Foundation.

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Involta Foundation strategy

Involta Foundation start-up

Q4 2020

Launch of an international information news portal dedicated to blockchain technologies and crypto investment

Q2 2021

Development of basic open blockchain instruments and a set of solutions for government and business

Q3 2021

Conducting a series of educational conferences with experts from the blockchain industry

Q1 2022
08 MAR 2021

Involta Coin Emission

Q2 2021

Conducting marketing activities aimed at increasing user literacy in the areas of blockchain and crypto investments

Q4 2021

Stimulating new developments and facilitating the integration of advanced technologies into existing systems and processes

Q1 2022

Opening of an online crypto university. Organizing training for professions associated with blockchain technologies


Grant support

Become the ambassador of the future

We finance the blockchain technology ambassadors; this is one of the fund's main activities to raise public awareness of blockchain technologies and their use. Join our team!

Involta Foundation pays significant attention to forming a community of ambassadors, whose joint efforts are the base for realizing the future potential of instruments and technologies of the new era.

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